The best IDEs for PHP developer


When developing PHP, developers tend to choose notepad or notepad++ without knowing that there are a variety of useful IDEs which could help in managing project more effectively and quickly. Let’s find out these IDEs in the below article

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Blockchain Application in Banking.


During the Industrial Revolution 4.0, "blockchain" is considered a "key" technology for digital transformation and building future IT platforms.

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What is Blockchain? The benefits and How Blockchain Works


Blockchain is still a novel term in the world of technology and digital marketing. So, What is blockchain? How does it work? Who is using blockchain ?. And some reviews about whether this is the future of technology, of digital marketing?

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What is Agile and Agile Testing Model?


The Agile method is a way of focusing on the continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the process of a software development project. Both the software development and testing activities of the Agile model are completely different from the Waterfall model.

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Blockchain technology was born and with its breakthrough influence has been creating a tsunami of technology covering all fields of industries from long-standing tradition to the latest technology applications. Here are the top outstanding blockchain applications that have been or are being implemented in countries around the world, which are expected to completely change the traditional way of present applications.

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How is Java applied in reality?


If you are a novice learning Java programming, you might think where Java is actually used? You don't see many games written in Java, except for Minecraft games, desktop tools like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office are not written in Java, nor do operating systems like Linux or Windows, then Java is correctly used. Where to use it? Does it have any real-world applications? Well, you are not the only one wondering that many programmers have asked this question before starting with Java, or after choosing Java as one of the university programming languages.

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The history of Blockchain


The foundation technology of cryptocurrencies is blockchain. This technology allows each client on the network to reach a consensus without having to trust each other.

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What can the Java programming language do?


Java - the object-oriented programming language is one of the most popular programming languages in the world nowadays with the optimal support running on different platforms such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows, etc.

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How Blockchain changes the world?


Blockchain originally named block chain is a decentralized database that stores information in information blocks linked together by coding and extending over time. Each information block contains information about the initialization time and is linked to the previous block, along with a time code and transaction data. Blockchain is designed to prevent the change of date: Once the data has been accepted by the network, there is no way to change it. Blockchain is guaranteed by the design using a decentralized computing system with high byzantine fault tolerance.

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Investment shifting after COVID- 19, Is Vietnam an ideal destination?


Experts, investment advisers and industrial production infrastructure development companies forecast that after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, international manufacturers will shift investment, including Vietnam.

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