Android app development layout type


The layout is a component that defines the structure of the user interface. In other words, it is the component that determines the screen interface of Android applications. Layouts support the placement of widgets (eg TextView, Button, or EditText, etc.) as can be seen in Android apps.

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Mobile App Classification | Mobile App Development Services


A mobile application is a type of application designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications are small software units with limited functionality, still, they can provide users with high-quality services and performances. To use the app, you can download through an application that provides a mobile app, such as the Apple Store or CHPlay.

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Introduction of application development cases ❘ Hachinet Software


There are various types of app development, from business apps that specialize in business to game apps for entertainment. Smartphone app development has become a popular mobile app and an integral part of most people's lives. This time, Hachinet will introduce the basic knowledge of application development and application development cases.

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.NET Outsourcing Development Service Overview


The framework provides a consistent environment for object-oriented programming that works in the same way. Whether the code is hosted and executed locally, hosted and executed remotely, or stored and executed locally on the network, it provides an environment for code execution that significantly eliminates software deployment and version conflicts.

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Hachinet Software's strengths in smartphone app development


Smartphones have become indispensable for people. For example, many companies are encouraged to use their mobile phones in-house, unlike mobile phones were banned previously. Therefore, employees get the job done effectively.

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COBOL Development Services | Strengths of Offshore Development | HACHINET SOFTWARE


There are many types of programming languages currently in use. Among them, Cobol has been used for a long time, and the number of engineers is also small. So, this time, Hachinet will introduce what kind of language Cobol is, Cobol development service, and Cobol development solution provided by Hachinet Software.

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Vietnam Offshore Development Service | Differences between Java and Kotlin | HACHINET SOFTWARE


If you're an Android developer, you've probably heard or used one of two languages, Java and Kotlin, but should you be familiar with these languages? Do you really know the similarities and differences between these two languages? And most importantly, do you really know the language Google recommends for developing applications on the Android operating system?

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Strengths of Vietnam's offshore development services


Currently, Vietnam has developed as an emerging outsourcing destination from alternative countries of China and India. In recent years, Vietnam has utilized its economic resources. India is also a point of view. They have made significant investments in IT and software outsourcing as a national key industry. Vietnam is now the software powerhouse of choice for various technology giants around the world.

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Vietnam Offshore Development Service | Interview with Hachinet Software President


After working in the field of information technology for many years, Huy Hoang, president of Hachinet Software, said he needed to develop an IT recruitment system to maximize the recruitment process between HRs and create employment opportunities for Vietnamese programmers.

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Engineer Dispatch Service | Hachinet Human Resources


Vietnam has historically undergone various wars, but in recent years, foreign-affiliated companies such as Western countries, South Korea, and Japan have entered the market one after another, and the economic growth rate is 7.08%, which is a remarkable growth in Asian countries. Foreign-affiliated companies have a great influence not only on the Vietnamese economy but also on students who want to become engineers in Vietnam in particular. They strive to improve their skills every day with the aim of starting a business in their own country, which continues to grow.

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