How to Choose the Right Offshore Software Development Company

There are many gray areas in this "Offshore Software Development Company" category. In most cases, the different categories are categorized as follows:

How to Choose the Right Offshore Software Development Company


How to Choose the Right Offshore Software Development Company

1. What are the types of offshore software development companies?

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There are many gray areas in this "Offshore Software Development Company" category. In most cases, the different categories are categorized as follows:


- Outsourcing companies are project-based. If you have a specific product or app that you need to build, or if you have an entire feature like QA or DevOps that you want someone else to manage, then outsource the whole Enchilada to an outsourcing development company. They provide all managers and people. Outsourcing is usually associated with high volume and low-quality work.


- Offshore software development companies are used for long-term needs. It's called offshore because, as you might expect, it's based outside the United States or Western Europe. Offshore software development companies basically rent out software developers. In any case, in most cases, the developers are mostly loyal to the agency. That is, the developers are not completely committed (literally or figuratively). Therefore, you have to deal with limited flexibility and poor client service.


- Nearshoring software development company is local York. Generally based on the same or similar time zone as you, the customer. Nearshoring can refer to both outsourced (project-based) and offshore (long-term) models.


- Finally, there is Yourshoring. You get good things from offshoring (access to talent, cost efficiency, speed to market, etc.), and you won't have the pain of dealing with offshore software developers (poor client service, lack of control, uncoordinated team customers, and beyond). The main points are: 


It may not be rocket science, but it works. Organizationally and culturally integrated teams produce much better software than teams built with other approaches. This is Yourshore's method.




2. What are the most important factors to consider when hiring an offshore software development company?



In every transaction with an offshore development company, we found that the following 11 key factors make the difference between working with a good offshore development company and working with a terrifying company.


2.1. Approach to client service

Sadly, good customer service is an art lost in the offshore software development business. Many companies are unresponsive (even at the executive level) and often take days to reply, especially if something goes wrong. You need a partner who supports your success and always acts in your best interests.


2.2. A shared understanding of business goals

While many offshore companies may understand the technical requirements, it turns out that few really understand your business needs or what you are trying to build at the macro level. You need an offshore development company that catches your drift, not a company that is desperately drifting. 


2.3. Dedicated team

If an offshore company tells you that your team is completely devoted, take it with a million grains of salt. Usually, this is not the case. When looking for a company, look carefully at how the agency guarantees that the entire team is 100% committed to you and your product.


2.4. Best-in-class talent

The landscape of offshore development is like a big bell curve. There is a really low level of talent on one side, and the majority in the middle is full of fairly average talent. On the other side is the minority, who make up the top 3% of talent. Ask your offshore development company about the process you use to ensure you get only the best in your team.


2.5. Custom adoption

Most offshore companies claim that they've actually found the right person for you just by cleaning up the bench. And it forces offshore software developers to use the developers they offer, regardless of whether they are suitable for your needs. unacceptable. Use market-selected developers to find a company that builds a team from scratch to meet your needs.


2.6. Retaining talent

It doesn't matter how good your employees are, even if you churn and burn with a poor average of 40% across the industry. We partner with offshore development companies that have strong talent retention and management programs to monitor 40% down to single digits. Carefully selected in the market to suit your needs.


2.7. Access to various areas

Many offshore companies operate only in a single region. However, if you have different needs, you can benefit from different regional options. Geographical flexibility is the key to finding the best solution for a particular software development goal and purpose.


2.8. Customer case studies and reviews

Ask a clear question and wait for a clear answer. We talk from the experience of running our own software company. Don't believe someone's words and always interview the developers themselves.


2.9. Salary transparency

99% of offshore software developers keep the amount they pay their developers secret, making motivation and incentives impossible. If they don't share this information with you, don't feel bad or stick to asking.


2.10. Security

If you are doing offshore development the right way. This shouldn't even be a question you need to ask, as the team is embedded in a broader development organization. Because everyone works within your security infrastructure and protocols. Please listen anyway.


2.11. Cost

It's a good idea to look at this from a different angle. You don't have to worry about how low your costs can be, instead focus on what you're getting or what you're not getting for the money.




3. How does Hachinet magically transform offshoring into Yourshoring and solve all the problems in the process?


As the founders of a former software startup, we've been burned many times by offshore companies, so we stopped looking for what we needed, the ideal remote developer, and created ourselves instead.


To reflect our focus, we decided to call the model Yourshoring. We offer all the best parts of offshore development, a buffet of professional talent, fast, low cost, and easy scalability without the old bit.


This is your team and is completely devoted. These are your developers and are custom-adopted to fit your needs. This is your culture and your team is embedded in it. This is your vision. Your team is working on your roadmap. This is your ideal location and your team is based on where you need them. This is your overall success.



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