What is Big Data? Everything about Big Data (Part 1)


Analyzing much data is one of Big Data’s parts that differs from previous data analysis. Let’s find other angels.  Have data and then big data. So what is the difference?

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Digital transformation service in Vietnam in 2021


Driven by the rapid creation of new technologies as well as the change in customer needs and expectations, many countries around the world have been investing significantly in the application of digital transformation services into business such as digitizing paper processes, deploying paperless meeting rooms, etc. to safeguard its position and increase competitiveness in the digital era.

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The difference between Digital Transformation and IoT-IIoT


Recently in Vietnam, there is a lot of media information about digital transformation in enterprises as well as IoT, AI, Big Data, Smart Factory, Smart Building, etc. Many new technology terms are confusing many people and not knowing where to start. Many concepts say that "IoT is digital transformation, AI is digital transformation, etc." and many misunderstandings that when implementing IoT - IIoT is a factory or enterprise "transformed digitally", "was smart. ". And another investor's imagination is that when the enterprise factory has "automation" is called intelligence. This article will focus on distinguishing between IoT and Digital transformation so that readers can have a more accurate investment picture in their business towards the future of digital transformation.

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What is Kubernetes? How is it important?


Kubernetes (or k8s or “kube” for short) is an open-source container orchestration platform that automates many of the manual processes involved in deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications. In other words, you can assemble groups of hosts running on Linux containers and Kubernetes will help you manage those clusters easily and effectively. These clusters can expand the hosts on the public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud. 

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What is Docker and why is it vital?


Docker is a tool designed to create, deploy and run apps more easily by using containers. Those containers allow developers to pack an app with necessary parts such as libraries and dependence and send it under a package. Therefore, thanks to containers, apps will run on every other Linux machine regardless of any custom settings the machine might have different from the machine used to write and test the code.

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Exclusive: Apple shifts iPad and MacBook factory to Vietnam


At the request of Apple, Foxconn company - the world's largest component foundry, will transfer some iPad and MacBook production lines from China to Vietnam.

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What is NestJS?


ou may wonder why choosing NestJS among other frameworks out there. Here is the answer: Do you know which frameworks are built on the Node.js platform and currently are the most popular server? It’s absolutely EspressJS. So which frameworks have the highest performance in terms of the number of requests per second? Fastify is the best answer.

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What are Digital Transformation and its importance in the era of 4.0 Industry?


Digital transformation is one of the important goals of technological enterprises in Vietnam. Vietnamese Government also pays special attention to digital transformation in the era of 4.0 industry and assigns the Ministry of Information and Communications to develop a National Digital Transformation Project and submit it to the Prime Minister in 2019.

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