Why do you need an offshore development center? A brief introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of ODC


ODC is a common phrase to many joint-stock companies and a popular choice for software development methods due to its effectiveness, reasonable price, and technological experts’ extraordinary approach.

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The most popular web programming languages used nowadays


Thanks to the rapid Internet development and the establishment of websites and programming language, many people have known and paid attention to the digital foundation. Comprehending the popular programming languages is a huge advantage to work with the website. Hachinet will provide you with information about standard and widely used programming languages in this article to understand more clearly.

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What are RPA and the difference between RPA and AI?


Many people have asked about the difference between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some even assume that those are similar. To those who aren’t familiar with these terms, these words seem to be incomprehensible and perhaps ominous to pay the hefty price tag of buying unwanted software products. To help you comprehend, we have gathered all the highlight features to show the difference between RPA and AI.

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Software technology and software development process


When we talk about computer programming, we talk about coding in programming languages like Java, C#, C++, Python, etc., but also the software development process.  Merely learning how to code in a programming language is not enough to be a skilled Software Developer. It would help if you comprehended how to design a program under the OOP, SOLID principles. Then you will not just be a coder who always only knows how to program but will become a developer with decent knowledge in many fields.

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What is ReactJS? Things need to know about ReactJS 


In light of technology, currently, the prosperity of technology makes relevant jobs develop and the use of JavaScript libraries for websites. Therefore, ReactJS is established and common due to its flexibility. According to statistics of ReactJS usage, 1300 developers and more than 94000 websites are currently using it. Let’s learn more about ReactJS. 

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9 AI apps that takes care of human health


It can be said that AI’s applications in healthcare are the most meaningful since it relates to our lives. Today, Hachinet will show you several of AI’s fantastic ideas in healthcare system improvement. The new technologies have influenced many industries in the era of technology development. The impact of automation, machine learning, and AI can affect doctors, hospitals, insurance companies. And in some circumstances, it can affect significantly other industries.

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What are RPA and its purposes in the era of the 4.0 industry?


To comprehend what RPA is, you may grasp the automation, 4.0 industry, etc. Let’s find out what this technology can do and why it is in the top 10 of current superior technology.

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The difference between React.JS and Vue.JS


Designing a front-end infrastructure requires a lot of thinking, discussions, decisions, plans, management and performances. One of the first decisions we have to make is choosing a front-end framework to redesign our high regard products. In this article, Hachinet has compared two remarkable frameworks, React.JS and Vue.JS, under the following criteria:

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Coronavirus-19 presents opportunities and challenges for IT


Coronavirus has caused enormous damage to the global economy, and Vietnam isn’t an exemption. IT is considered a less risky industry compared to other industries that are affected by the epidemic. However, according to the newest study from IDC, global Information Technology (IT) spending growth is expected to drop 2.7%, compared to an estimated 5.1% growth at the end of 2020, based on COVID-19 worst outbreak scenario.

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What are Vue.js and its primary strengthens? 


App software development is one of the popular fields that can be performed at the personal and corporate levels. Developers have also used several software technologies to make apps faster, more attractive, and more friendly to users. Currently, Vue.js is one of the new software technologies for website development used widely. Vue.js is a JavaScript Framework containing a lot of different optional tools for UI building. 

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