React Native and Flutter - which one is better?


Flutter and React Native are two proven frameworks that are shaping the future of cross-platform mobile apps. Moreover, these two are the most commonly used platforms in recent years. So what is the difference between Flutter and React Native? Let’s dig deeper with Hachinet.

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What is Linux? A brief introduction of its advantages and disadvantages and Linux distributions


The Linux is developed based on the Unix operating system and is released for free. Server Linux is more commonly used than Windows and other operating systems. So what are Linux's strengths and weaknesses that make it the most popular operating system just behind Windows and macOS?

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What is Flutter? Why should we use Flutter? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


One of the new choices for many programmers to help create and develop apps on Android and iOS platforms provided by Google is Flutter. So what is Flutter? Hachinet's article will help you to better understand Flutter and know the reasons you should choose to use Flutter.

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The software development process - a brief introduction


To those outsourcing companies, the software development process plays a crucial role to create a quality product at a low cost in a short time. So what is the software development process, what needed factors are they to have a high-quality, efficient production process?

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What is CRM? Benefits and functions of CRM software in business


In the relationship between business and customers, we always need an effective tool to manage and archive the customer journey, which leads to a CRM system, a perfect solution. So, what is CRM and what specific functions does it have? Let’s find out with Hachinet.

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Symfony - a brief introduction


What is Symfony? A question is for programmers and the online community. To understand more about the importance and meaning of this issue, let's follow the article below with Hachinet.

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AngularJS - a brief introduction, pros and cons and features


Angular is a powerful JavaScript Framework and is usually used for Single Page Application  (SPA) projects. It works based on extended HTML attributes (attributes according to Angular rules). This framework is completely free and open-source and used by thousands of programmers globally. This framework has been strongly developed by the Web 2.0 generation abroad, but it is still not popular in Vietnam.

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What is ".NET"? How to install and why is it so essential


NET Framework is a popular developer platform made up of tools, programming languages, and libraries to build many different types of apps. However, to understand in detail what .NET Framework is and its purpose. Let's find out through this article.

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What is IDE? The common Integrated Development Environments


For developers, programmers, IDE is a popular term but those who don’t comprehend IT. So what are IDE and its advantages?

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Edge Computing - introductions, benefits operations and applications


Several big technology companies like  Amazon, Microsoft, or Google are entrusted with personal information for management. Those data can be mail, images, etc. In the IoT (Internet of Things) industry, currently, those companies manage our data and other things such as television, refrigerators, air conditioners, and cars. Hachinet will explain what Edge Computing is.

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