Special service of Hachinet


As you have known, Oversea Development Center, or Offshore Development Center have brought a large number of benefits on saving production or training cost and management effort. However, we have known that you have various partners from all around the world, such as India, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore, etc. But, the most important thing is, who will accompany you in the epidemic, for example, COVID – 19, like the most reliable partner you have ever had? And whether Offshore development remains the safety during the pandemic? 

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Vietnamese cultural specificities


Vietnam consists of 54 ethnic groups. The most crowned group is Kinh, living mainly in the Red River Delta with the very famous Red River civilization. Other ethnic groups are scattered across the mountains. Each group has its own beliefs, cuisine and specialities.

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Many Japanese companies choose ASEAN as a destination.


Following American and European companies, a wide range of Japanese companies left China to relocate production to Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN). For many years, China has become the world's factory. Many businesses shift manufacturing operations to China to reduce costs and to approach to one of the largest consumer markets in the world.

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What is Framework? What is Laravel and how to install Laravel


Framework is a library of classes has been built completely, is the framework for developing Application Software. Framework can be considered a set of "Materials" in each field for programmers, instead of having to waste a lot of time to design themselves before using. Therefore, programmers only need to learn and exploit these materials and then perform to connect them together, create products.

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Businesses take participate in studying product with customer.


According to experts, in the Industry 4.0, in the past 3 years, outsourcing activities have also changed, instead of mainly "code - test". Currently, the problems that have been given by partners and customers as the previous solutions, now Vietnamese enterprises doing export software have been deeply involved with customers right from the product research stage.

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To save expense, businesses prefer outsourcing trend.


Choosing a part-time job, working from home at low cost, or hiring Outsourcing services, etc. are ways that may help many small businesses survive the crisis.

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Testing the requirement specification document.


The ambiguities about requirements and fixing them early in the software development life cycle are best. The cost of fixing bugs after the software has completed or has been released is quite high. Therefore, it is important to have requirements analysis and capture requirements correctly before designing and implementing a project.

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Vietnam - the ideal destination of IT Outsourcing service


In recent years, IT outsourcing service in Vietnam is growing and competing strongly in the international market. With a serious and rigorous working attitude, Vietnamese outsourcing service companies are increasingly providing and meeting the strict requirements of programmers in general, and enterprises in particular. Since then gradually developing, asserting the brand with the world programming market: Vietnam will be a powerful country of IT Outsourcing.

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Software requirement analysis


Requirement analysis plays an important role in the software development process. This activity requires very close coordination between customers and analysts to figure out what we have to develop.

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What is IT Outsourcing? and the advantages of IT Outsourcing service


IT outsourcing is the service that undertakes the IT management, programming and administration for businesses. Thanks to this service from outsourcing companies in Vietnam, many domestic and foreign enterprises have solved a lot of inadequacies for their businesses.

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