IT security - a brief introduction and types


IT security is a set of cybersecurity strategies that prevent unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data. It maintains the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information, blocking the access of sophisticated hackers.

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Swift and brief introduction. The differences between Swift and Objective-C


Swift is one of the best programming languages developing iOS apps with outstanding features for App designs. And it's a new app design programming language developed by Apple Inc to support programmers in developing apps, running on iOS and macOS, tvOS, Linux, and z/oS operating systems.  

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The difference between Native App Development and Hybrid App Development


Currently, smartphones have become more prevalent, which leads to 52.2% of the website accessible on mobile phones in 2018. The availability of cost-effective smartphones has led to our increasing reliance on smartphones, making it difficult for developers to choose between Native Mobile App Development or Hybrid App Development.

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What is System Integration (SI)?


In the interconnected world, technology has led to alternative development platforms. System integration becomes common in every organization regardless of scales. So what is system integration? Let’s find out with Hachinet in this article.

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Current situation of IoT deployment in Vietnam


IoT - Internet of Things connects with the Internet recently has appeared increasingly and attracted much of the IT industry’s attention. Due to the development and the explosion of IoT, it has been permeated into societies, works and human lives. The IoT application in Vietnam is most evident in the manufacturing sector and will be widespread to all other industries and throughout society in the coming years. The emergence of IoT will contribute significantly to promoting Vietnam's economic development. So what is the situation of IoT application in Vietnam today?

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What is WEB PACK? Easy-to-understand explanation of how to use and basic knowledge | [HACHINET SOFTWARE]


The web app has been developing with these features, such as using JS, browsers supporting new technologies, fewer full-page - reloading pages and more singles page app. This means a tool is needed to manage them effectively. So Webpack was created, and it is a powerful tool to be managed effectively. What is Webpack? What are the uses of Webpack? The following article will help you learn about Webpack.

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The prediction of AI’s trends in 2021


There is no doubt that AI has been a buzzword in 2021. AI has been considered the primary driver of emerging technologies such as big data, robotics, and IoT. So what will the next 12 months be for AI?

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What is Node.JS? A brief introduction and its pros and cons


Node.JS is a platform built based on V8 JavaScript Engine - an interpreter that executes JavaScript code, making building web applications simple and easily extensible. Node.JS was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009 and can run on different operating systems, such as OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux.

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What is PHP? PHP language characteristics


PHP is known as Hypertext Pre-processor and the open-source and scripting language for web app development and was initially known as "Personal Home Page." PHP’s structure is similar to the C language and was created by Rasmus Lerdorf and first appeared in 1995. Currently, PHP has been used widely for web app development and has become one of the primary languages for programmers to build new apps.

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What to look out for before hiring an ODC company and how to set up an ODC?


Hachinet has shown you the pros and cons and the ODC's brief introduction and the difference between outsourcing and offshore in the previous article. Today, Hachinet will show you what to look out for before hiring an ODC company and how to establish it.

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