What are Agile and Scrum? How do those operate? (part 1)


Agile method and Scrum process aren’t the new trends but a part of IT companies in Vietnam. So what Agile and Scrum are that Developers praise. This article will answer all.

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What is React Native? Overview of React Native


React Native is a framework developed by a famous technology company, Facebook, to handle Hybrid’s performance and financial issues when writing many native languages for each mobile platform. We’ll have to build Native apps, and we can build multi-platform apps, not build “mobile web apps” or “HTML5 apps”, even “hybrid apps” and not only build on iOS or Android but also we’ll build and run on both systems.

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What is Spring boot? What is the difference between Spring and Spring boot?


However, whether you have worked with the Spring framework or not, we still should know a little since many people still confuse between those two. And if you meet this question in the interview,  it’s considered key to see if you understand what you are doing with the Spring Boot or just a guy who only knows to code.

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Two forms of outsourcing - which is the right choice for you?


IT Outsourcing is the software transfer to the companies providing Outsourcing service. There are two primary forms: Project-based Outsourcing và Labor Outsourcing. When used correctly, it will improve effectiveness and save money. If you are a business manager and have considered using Project-based Outsourcing or Labor Outsourcing for companies, this article will be useful for you.

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What are the Protocols? 


What are the protocols? In this article, every question about the Protocols will be answered. Also, you will learn its important functions.

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10 trends shaping the technology industry 2021 (part 2)


Previously, Hachinet had already told you five of ten trends shaping the technology industry. Today Hachinet will tell you the rest of it.

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The current common protocols


Today, Hachinet will show you some popular protocols.

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10 trends shaping the technological industry 2021 (part 1)


While the pandemic COVID-19 has been slowing down overall development, on the other hand, this crisis is driving innovations in fields as old as medicine, agriculture and manufacturing. DAMO Academy, Alibaba Group's global research arm, has revealed 10 predictions of trends that will drive the tech sector by 2021 and beyond.

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8 best PHP Frameworks for website programming (part 2)


In the previous article, we have already known some information about PHP Frameworks and the first best three among 8 Frameworks. Today, Hachinet will tell you the rest of them. Let's start. 

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