Testing the requirement specification document.


The ambiguities about requirements and fixing them early in the software development life cycle are best. The cost of fixing bugs after the software has completed or has been released is quite high. Therefore, it is important to have requirements analysis and capture requirements correctly before designing and implementing a project.

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Vietnam - the ideal destination of IT Outsourcing service


In recent years, IT outsourcing service in Vietnam is growing and competing strongly in the international market. With a serious and rigorous working attitude, Vietnamese outsourcing service companies are increasingly providing and meeting the strict requirements of programmers in general, and enterprises in particular. Since then gradually developing, asserting the brand with the world programming market: Vietnam will be a powerful country of IT Outsourcing.

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Software requirement analysis


Requirement analysis plays an important role in the software development process. This activity requires very close coordination between customers and analysts to figure out what we have to develop.

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What is IT Outsourcing? and the advantages of IT Outsourcing service


IT outsourcing is the service that undertakes the IT management, programming and administration for businesses. Thanks to this service from outsourcing companies in Vietnam, many domestic and foreign enterprises have solved a lot of inadequacies for their businesses.

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The most popular website programming languages nowadays


Programming language plays an important role in website design, Today, together with Hachinet, let’s find out the most popular programming languages nowadays

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8 steps to become iOS developer from zero


In the vast number of programming languages, nowadays, the youth choose IOS as their development career path. As you may know, IT job covers a wide range of difficult fields with many different programming languages. When you have to choose which language to study, what makes you choose the IOS program? But why should we choose IOS, instead of other operating systems, like Android or Hybrid? First of all, if compared to the Hybrid application, a native iOS application will have the advantages of stability, smoothness, the ability to optimize the performance of the device as well as the user experience.

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What is the database? The importance of Database management.


The database is an important part of software and management solution, helping store, organize and manage data scientifically and systematically. In the digital era nowadays, many procedures, stages or management systems are encrypted and operated by devices, software to help business archive the best performance.

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4 basic steps for how to manage data effectively.


It is normal if your IT team is having data management trouble. Most of the businesses nowadays are facing the challenge of how to leverage the amount of data without increasing the scale and cost of the IT team.

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Outsourcing service - Human resources trend in 21st century.


Outsourcing service is instead of letting official staff finish task, we hire the external service. This service will assume a part function that the company want to decrease to invest in other strategies. 

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6 considered factors as deploying CRM software


"CRM (Customer Relationship Management) appeared from the 70s of the twentieth century when businesses began to change their concentration from products to the customer." CRM is created based on the companies strategy in customer relationship development through research, understanding the habits and requirement of customers, approaching and communicating effectively, managing the information of the customer to give them the better service.

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