The most popular web programming languages used nowadays


The most popular web programming languages used nowadays

Thanks to the rapid Internet development and the establishment of websites and programming language, many people have known and paid attention to the digital foundation. Comprehending the popular programming languages is a huge advantage to work with the website.

Hachinet will provide you with information about standard and widely used programming languages in this article to understand more clearly.


Hướng dẫn cài đặt python 3.9 trên Ubuntu 20.04 - VSUDO Blog

Python was created in 1989 and is compatible with software such as Third-Party Software, Hardware, and Unix. Currently, it becomes popular on the platforms UNIX, Windows, MS-DOS, Mac OS, or Linux. 

This language’s features are the processability and program creation from gigantic software to tiny scripts. Its weakness is that it doesn’t possess the properties Private, Protected, Public, and the Do… White, Switch… Case loop.


O que é SQL e para que ele serve? - TecMundo

SQL serves as a website development tool for programmers and provides fast and efficient data access and retrieval.

However, this language’s cost is relatively high, and the developers do not have absolute control over the databases.


Interesting facts about Ruby Programming Language - GeeksforGeeks

Designed in Japan in 1993, Ruby is known as a dynamic web programming language, open-source, and good developer ability. Ruby is currently very popular in Vietnam and Japan markets. But the Ruby programming language is difficult to debug and can only be used in web programming.


As one of the most popular web programming languages, developers use Java in almost every web design project. This language is developed from C and C++ but improved with the JVM to be suitable for all platforms.

Furthermore, this language also has strict security but has expensive memory management, slower speed than C, C ++, lack of limited template when creating high-quality structures, etc.


Javascript là gì? Cách Javascript hoạt động -

JavaScript is considered a dynamic, flexible, powerful programming language used for HTML embedment, web browser management, functional and object programming support.

JavaScript also provides many utilities such as Greasemonkey, minimizing the website server and time process due to no need to compile.


CSS Guide for Beginners to Learn | Pixel Mechanics

CSS is a prevalent name and is mentioned a lot in programming languages discussion. This language allows developers to define how a website will display after connecting to HTML.

It is an essential foundation in website application design, interface tuning, and defining attributes in web design.


PHP là gì? Những ưu và nhược điểm khi thiết kế web bằng PHP

PHP is one of the oldest and most widely used web programming languages. Open source, running smoothly on both IIS and Apache, high stability, simple operation, free, easy to learn, easy to use, etc., are the advantages that make websites using PHP are often quite flexible and interoperable.

Currently, PHP is being used for various CMS such as SilverStripe, Drupal, Cake PHP, WordPress, etc. Possessing powerful frameworks, excellent ecosystems, PHP is used in many web design projects. However, it should be used in conjunction with a few other languages when designing because if you only use PHP, your website will have a relatively slow speed.


Want to Be a Software Developer? Learn C++ First and Thank Me Later. | by  David Hill | Level Up Coding

C ++ is the next most popular web programming language used by most developers. Browsers, apps such as PDF Reader, Google Chrome, Photoshop, etc., are created from C ++.


HTML is a web programming language that is familiar to anyone. This language used to mark hypertext, the 'backbone' in web design and programming, helping the browser recognise the marked content to find the appropriate action.

With the emergence of HTML5, this programming language also 'embarked' on the support feature, increasing the website’s ranking on Google.

The above web programming languages are still being completed and improved to meet people’s increasingly diverse purposes and needs. It’s better to consider choosing for yourself a few main languages to use when designing the website.

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