Hachinet Vinh: 2 excellent female staff members obtained certificates


Hachinet Vinh: 2 excellent female staff members obtained certificates

Hachinet congratulates 2 testers Nguyen Thị Ngoc and Nguyen Doan Minh Thao for successfully completing the Tester course at TesterproVN and bringing benefits to the company when deciding to join the course.

Ms.Thao is one of two people who obtained the certificate

The Tester course focuses on reality - only learn what enterprises have been doing. This course has become a launchpad for thousands of students who have graduated and have stable jobs in large domestic and foreign companies and corporations.

The course lasts 1.5 months with a schedule of 15 sessions over 7 weeks and a period of self-study at home (e-learning, reading introductory lists, and self-research further)

Our testers also set goals after completing the course:

  • Find bugs in the products/applications
  • Assess the quality of products/applications
  • Communicate practical difficulties
  • Learn under tight schedules

Achieving this certificate not only helps Ms. Ngoc and Ms. Thao to prove themselves but also helps Hachinet to improve the image of customers through these certificates.

Ms. Ngoc also obtained a certificate after a hard time studying

In particular, Ms. Ngoc shared: “After completing the study program, I find the job somehow easier and can help with simple tasks for the company such as using most of the checking, etc."

With the above achievements, the company decided to reward and commend the two sisters in the whole company. After this certificate, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc and Ms. Nguyen Doan Minh Thao have the first decision is to practice more so that they can firmly grasp the theoretical knowledge, practice many times "Study go as a pair with practice" and practice that is suitable for meeting, interviewing, answering, consulting clients, then planning to take the remaining 3 courses to improve skills.

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