How to motivate engineers at an IT company of an offshore development company


How to motivate engineers at an IT company of an offshore development company

1. Introduction

In order for a company to survive, it must be able to anticipate and at least follow the movements of global markets. Nowadays, people are talking about "Revolution 4.0," "Internet of Things," "digital movement," innovation, and speed. A series of technology-based startups grow like mushrooms growing after the rain.

The thirst for quality talent is a major concern for all leaders and organizations. The problem of attracting, training, maintaining, educating, and motivating employees with the desire to receive more dedication, more meaningful values, and build stronger bonds for many leaders. And it's a difficult problem.

People in the IT industry are "highly valued" by almost every organization. The trend of digital transformation of systems has hit the doors of all businesses, and pure technology (traditional technology) companies not only need IT staff but everything on the market to meet the requirements of the times. Industry and sales fields apply science and technology to systems.

The statistic shows that the demand for quality IT talent will continue to grow over time.


2. Differences in the motivation of IT staff

As demand grows, it becomes more difficult to overcome the challenges of IT talent leaders. An IT talent has many opportunities and choices in the job and is sought after in many workplaces, loosening the connection with current jobs and organizations.

Therefore, leaders need to understand who they are before they can develop strategies to motivate their IT staff, work more devotedly and effectively, and encourage them to have a more sustainable commitment.

IT staff have unique characteristics compared to other professions. Therefore, in order to understand the core and meet the needs of employees, the factors, needs, or motivations for development that attract them must also be carefully investigated and analyzed.


3. How to motivate IT staff

To motivate them to react, the first decision is to "give" and meet the needs of their employees. But does the success of "hope in return" depend on what leadership gives?

3.1 Increased external motivation – the impact of policy changes

The external driving force represented by money or other material values is not a sustainable solution. However, sometimes the short-term value also makes a big difference with the right timing. Humans are often dominated by direct interests rather than long-term interests.

Money and materials are a kind of profit that helps motivate people and are the easiest way to implement them. However, when using money or physical values, leaders need to understand some principles.

  • Money just is a temporary motivation.
  • Money: It only makes sense if the employee is given a sufficient and reasonable amount and meets their needs.
  • Clearly understand how to split objects and values. If the work is a joint responsibility, the "recipient" is not the best individual, but the entire team.

As a result, leaders need to review, adjust, or develop new policies for salaries, employee bonuses, and compensation.


3.2 Freedom of Empowerment – ​​Satisfying Personal Growth

IT staff are like artists. In addition to the connections between team activities, individual independence is also highly valued. Breakthroughs and a new value can be created if you have the space to "fire" with passion.

IT professionals have a passion, and the job of leaders is to create the conditions for that passion to be stronger than ever.

Leaders can use the opportunity to strengthen their skills, attend training courses, interact with peers in the same industry, update trends, and deliver new solutions to impact their IT staff. Create "freedom" and "make wise people wiser" rather than imposing or managing them in a way that kills novations.

No employee refuses the path of self-development supported by his or her boss. And when people "receive" something, they form "gratitude" and strive to repay it. Leadership management needs to be stopped by deciding the direction and then empowering it so that they can do it the way they want.


3.3 Raising common values

IT staff are professionals and need to be treated like "experts". They want a sense of dedication and affirmation. They want to know that their work really makes sense, creates great value, and can strive for more. With their existing passion for technology, leaders need to show what their work means.


3.4 Understanding the big role of leaders and corporate culture

The most characteristic and complex human value was emotion. Honest IT workers who work in hard environments have even higher emotional needs.

As mentioned earlier, there is no "good or bad" in corporate culture, only "appropriate or inappropriate". IT staff need to be comfortable and share with colleagues. A culture of teamwork, cooperation, friendliness, and intimacy in an organization can provide the energy for Iters to work better. Leaders also need to break the dryness of the environment and break the silence in order to create a vibrant atmosphere.

The role of leaders to motivate IT staff is important. The essential motivational nature is the profound and long-term implications of meeting emotional needs. Listen to them, defend their ideas, and cooperate with each other. Leaders can trust it to drive and develop the motivation of their IT staff.

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4. Reduce pressure on employees

Agile Scrum Master – core-origins

Work items, such as development that may be required, should be outsourced, if possible, to an offshore company to improve the quality of the work and prioritize tasks that are more important to the employee.

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5. Conclusion

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