Optimizing Human Resource Costs

Many businesses have chosen to build development teams in Vietnam to reduce risk and costs.

24/7 Business Operations

By choosing Vietnam, it means that your personnel and projects are developing even while you sleep.

Abundant Human Resources

With a population of nearly 100 million people and 500,000 programmers, Vietnam is the ideal choice for European and American businesses

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We 6 Years Of Experience in the field of Staffing And Software outsource from Vietnam.

You will work with a talented and young team of engineers from Vietnam at a low cost, in order to reduce costs for your business.

Project Based Contract

We offer a pricing service that provides quotes on a per-request basis. We will create a proposal for you to evaluate and calculate costs.

Labo Contract

You have the option to choose engineers who will work as part of your company's team from Vietnam, with monthly payment of costs.

Sustainability goals to achieve everything.

We may not have a strong foundation in Information Technology, but Vietnamese engineers learn very quickly and have a high level of determination.

Abundant Human Resources With a Young Median Age.

Vietnam is among the countries with a young population median age. At Hachinet Software, our average age is 26.

A Peaceful and Socially Stable Countrys.

With a coastline of over 11,400 km, we are confident that in addition to being a stable development location, each business trip will also be a memorable tourism experience.

Who We Are

We Are a young Digital Transformation Company with Strong growth potential in the Future

With a team of young and experienced engineers who have developed for the international market, particularly Japan, we understand our customers and prioritize the success of the final product.


Our passion and commitment to investing in new technologies is why innovative enterprises turn to us to help them develop their technology strategy.

With a software production process that meets international standards and years of experience developing for the Japanese market, we create products with "Japanese quality" to bring the best products to market with our customers.

We always strive to invest in and train our engineers in the latest technologies in four main areas: Cloud Computing, Mobility, BI & Analytics, and Collaboration.

Hachinet Software
Hachinet Software


The ability to handle various-sized projects with the backing of Vietnam's top 3 IT recruitment platform - Devwork.vn.

As part of the Japan Digital Transformation Alliance (JDXP), we are part of a alliance with 15 IT companies in Vietnam with a staff of over 1500+ Developers (AWS, Azure, Predix, Cloudera, etc.)

We are fully able to meet the needs of our customers who require on-site (NearShore) personnel with the same work schedule as in Europe and the Americas.


Through Devwork.vn, we have easy access to Vietnam's top engineers and students to work and serve at Hachinet Software.

Leverage costs by BestShore & Offshore Model, leverage latest digital platforms and technologies to optimize cost while improving performance.

With a combination of high productivity, high quality and competitive prices, Hachinet Software delivers real value for money.

Hachinet Software

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We Are Providing Quality services To Construction Clients

Learn about our operation method services to see how we can help you design, deploy and implement solutions faster with low-risk.

Java Development

Our highly skilled developers have experience all relevant Java platforms. These include the various technologies such as containers (i.e. GlassFish, WebLogic), ORM Tools (i.e. Hibernate, iBATIS), UI Frameworks (i.e. Primefaces, Richfaces), and Coding Frameworks (i.e. Tapestry, Struts), to name a few.

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Angular Development

HACHINET provides Angular development and web design services focusing on resolving business issues that impede the advancement of digital engagement and enhancing the usability of your websites and web applications.

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Cobol Development

Get instant access to a large pool of high-quality COBOL developers from our large collection of empaneled COBOL service providers. A handpicked team of COBOL programmers and business analysts will deliver to you the highest quality output

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.NET Development

The .NET framework provides a consistent object-oriented environment for programming. Developers rely on it to build applications that can run on different platforms simultaneously. You may want to hire .NET development services if you want your application to run on mobile and desktop in parallel, or any server platform, like iOS, Windows and Linux.

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Applications Development

The process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes, culture and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

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Salesforce Development

If you need instant access to additional Salesforce resources and don’t want the time, hassle or long-term commitment of hiring in-house, outsourcing is perfect for you.

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Our Support Team

With a view to enabling customers to optimize their business process at reasonable price, our leaders have the ingredients of passion, experience and dedication to realize it, making Hachinet Software a well-chosen partner in their implementing and applying digital solutions.

Ha Tran


Yen Tran

Deliver Manager

Hoang Tran

Director Japan Market

Tai Tang

CEO Hachinet Vietnam

Truong Quan

CEO Hachinet Takumi

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Security in software develoment

Security plays an extremely important role in the development and operation of applications. It acts as a shield to help protect our software system from attacks by bad guys to destroy or steal information.


Popular and effective project management tools

In today's fast-paced digital world, software development is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As such, businesses and organizations need to keep up with the latest technology to remain competitive. But to develop top-notch software, companies need to work with skilled developers, designers, and project managers. This is where outsourcing comes into play, and Hachinet Software can help.


What is Java? - why choose Java?

Java is a high-level programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems in the mid-1990s. It is widely used for developing applications and software for a variety of platforms, including desktop, web, mobile, and enterprise systems. Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and for good reason. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Java and why it's an excellent choice for software development.


Why Do You Need An Offshore Development Center?

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