What is the C#? The C# overview

Welcome to Hachinet, in this article, we will learn a modern and common language, C#. So how was C# establishes? What are its pros and cons and why we need to know? Let’s find out.

What is the C#? The C# overview


What is the C#? The C# overview

Welcome to Hachinet. In this article, we will learn a modern and common language, C#. So how was C# establishes? What are its pros and cons, and why we need to know? Let’s find out.

1. What is the C#?

C# or C sharp is the simple programming language established by a group of Microsoft engineers in 2000, while the leaders were Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Wiltamuth.

C# is the modern, object-oriented programming language built based on the two popular languages, C++ and Java.

C# is established for Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), including Executable Code and Runtime Environment, which allows us to use variable high-level languages on the platform and different structure computers.

With the .NET Framework’s help, which helps create Windows Forms or WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), etc., C# is more comfortable.

2. C# characteristics

C# is the professional language and used thanks to these following features widely:

C# is a simple language

C# language is based on C++ and Java platform, so the language is simple. Suppose we’re familiar with C and C++ or Java, we will realize that it is similar in appearance, syntax, expressions, operators and other functions taken directly from C and C ++ languages, but has improved language more simple. Some of the improvements are the removal of redundancies or the addition of modified syntax.

C# is the modern language

Several definitions are new and vague for beginners, such as exception handling, scalable data type, source code security, etc. These are the supposed characteristics of a modern language. C# contains all the above features.

C# is an object-oriented programming language

Object-oriented programming, shortened as OOP, is a programming method having 4 properties. It includes abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance. C# supports all of those properties. 

C# is a keyword-less language

C# language has keyword limitation (including 80 keywords and more than ten prebuilt data types). It’s not true if you think the more keywords, the more powerful. C# language is the point of view. If you study C# intensively, you will find this language can be used in any task. 

Besides those above features, C# language also has other distinctions: 

  • C#’s structures are familiar with traditional programing language, so it’s easy to approach and learn.
  • C # can be compiled on many different computer platforms.
  • C# is built based on C++ and Java platforms, so C# inherits those languages’ pros.
  • C# is a part of the .Net Framework, so there is considerable backing from this department.
  • C# has IDE Visual Studio with a lot of powerful plugins.

3. Conclusion

This article has already fathomed the C# programming language’s definition, characteristics, and importance. 

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