What is ReactJS? Things need to know about ReactJS 


What is ReactJS? Things need to know about ReactJS 

In light of technology, currently, the prosperity of technology makes relevant jobs develop and the use of JavaScript libraries for websites. Therefore, ReactJS is established and common due to its flexibility. According to statistics of ReactJS usage, 1300 developers and more than 94000 websites are currently using it. Let’s learn more about ReactJS. 

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS can be understood as a library containing several JavaScript open sources, and the founder of ReactJS is well-known to everyone, Facebook. ReactJS is created to make appealing website apps with high speed and effective basic encryption. And the primary of ReactJS’s purpose is that each website using ReactJS has to run smoothly, quickly and is scalable and simple performance.

In general, every ReactJS’s function or power is from the concentration to individual parts, allowing developers to break UI from complexity to more simplicity. It means that data render performed on the server and the client when using ReactJS instead of performing on the entire web’s apps.  

What is the main part of ReactJS?

Redux: This is a vital part of ReactJS and popular with everyone. A ReactJS doesn’t include dedicated modules for the data process, so ReactJS is set up independently by splitting views into components for more closed incorporation.

The incorporation and relationship between components in ReactJS need special attention because the one-side data flow is the only data flow in one ReactJS, and using one-way data flow is a bit difficult for beginners to apply to projects. However, besides the downside, there is still an outstanding side that ReactJS can promote their role functions when using this one-way mechanism as it will make the functions of the view more complex.

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Virtual Dom: is used by most of the Frameworks as a ReactJS when changing. The speciality is we don’t need to perform directly on the dom and still see those views and changes.

Since Virtual Dom plays an important role as a model and a view, the change in one of these factors will cause the change of others and opposite, which means even you don’t perform directly on the dom molecules but can perform Data Binding mechanisms. The purpose is to gradually increase app speed, which is one of the greatest advantages of Virtual Dom.

The benefit of ReactJS

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It’s not accidental that ReactJS is common between programming, website design companies in Vietnam as key products. 

The first benefit is the creation of a virtual dom, where having components. The creation of dom will increase the performance. When the calculation needs to change or update on the Dom, ReactJS will calculate beforehand and then perform on the Dom, which helps ReactJS avoid the Dm's required manipulation without any additional costs.

The second benefit is the simple code of JS codes thanks to its special syntax, JSX syntax allowing us to combine HTML code and JavaScript. Moreover, we can add an extra code to render without the chain performance, and it is considered an interesting feature of ReactJS. The conversion of HTMLs into the constructor is performed from JSX.

Many development tools are another benefit. When you operate ReactJS, don’t forget to install the ReactJS Chrome extension since it helps you debug code easier. After the installation, you’ll have a direct view into Virtual Dom, and at the same time, you see a regular dom.

Friendly with SEO: This is one of the specialities and only in ReactJS, which is JS Frameworks's big problem since most JS Frameworks aren’t friendly with search engines despite the improvements. However, ReactJS isn’t in groups that are unfriendly with SEO  as under the help of renders and web page rendering when running ReactJS on the server and Virtual Dom. Therefore, React can fully satisfy SEO Friendly to support SEO websites effectively.

Things need to know about ReactJS 

ReactJS is just a view library:

As a private library of Facebook, it helps to render the view and ReactJS, not framework js. Furthermore, it supports building high interoperable, stateful and reusable UI components. As a place to build around components, React operates on both the Client and render and the server, so these two parts can incorporate. Another speciality is that React isn’t an MVC framework, so that’s why it doesn’t have a model and controller, and when performing, you need to incorporate it with other libraries.

Use fewer State components:

State is used to store the app’s cores collection, which we should keep State always simple because React and apps always are expandable. State only exists in a component. The external data transmitting and State use are unnecessary, so you have to remember only to use when necessary and reflect the components’ state properly.

Always keep Components compact

To keep software more understandable and maintenance, any programmer, must know to keep the function/class more compact. ReactJS keeps the component as small as possible for reuse and gets the best performance, and the subdivision depends on the level of the Team.

Incorporate with Redux.js:

React is just a view, so React should be incorporated with redux, flux or any data flow necessary and redux is one of the data sources used the most and React's thought is quite amazing.

Also, you can use JSX, ES6, Babel, Webpack, and NPM. JSX is one of the most interesting functions of React, everything we write is displayed, and when you incorporate a compiler babel and make use of the new ES6’s functions, NPM and webpack help the packet process and completely make use of libraries.

Finally is Dev Tools of Redux and React, using these two factors help us Debug quickly and find errors in apps and can inspect components back into React’s components in the Props’ states and State of each component. Hence, it allows you to observe the active state and the reason for changing State and go back to the previous State. 

The future of ReactJS

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Currently, Facebook and the entire ReactJS development teams have been making efforts to increase ReactJS’s efficiency. It is the primary goal to improve the fast development of React and surpass the other frameworks like VueJS. Some updates are expected in the near future:

Having more new renders with other functions such as new, unique syntax addition in JSX without any key.

Improved handling of errors that arise, which are known as errors in the component that can damage the component's state and cause errors during rendering. These errors are often confusing, making them difficult to fix. Besides, the future version will be provided with a clearer way to catch and handle errors and recover when errors occur in the component.

Above is all the information about ReactJS that will be useful to those learning and IT users who want to optimize the speed and access and improve their knowledge and understanding about ReactJS to gain experience to find a job with a higher salary and improve skills. Hachinet wishes you luck.

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