What is NestJS?


What is NestJS?

Hi, everyone, today Hachinet will guide you through a new framework backend based on the Node.js platform. You may wonder what it is. Let’s get started.

What is NestJS?

First of all, you have to know that NestJS is a framework running on the Nodes.js platform. So what is Node.js?

Node.js is a platform running on a V8 JavaScript runtime environment, which runs on the webserver. That is the reason why JavaScript was previously considered a language making web client-side applications that now is capable of functioning as a server.

Since Node.js was found, a number of frameworks have been created to serve servers and one of those is NestJS. Yet the most special of NestJS is that it is built by Typescript language, a mixed language between object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming.

Why NestJS?

You may wonder why choosing NestJS among other frameworks out there. Here is the answer:

Do you know which frameworks are built on the Node.js platform and currently are the most popular server? It’s absolutely EspressJS. So which frameworks have the highest performance in terms of the number of requests per second? Fastify is the best answer.

Hence, NestJS is the combination of ExpressJS and Fastify, a stable, fast, and highly effective system.

What’s more? Those programmers usually complain that the ExpressJS system is too cluttered to organize data as the team grows. NestJS solves that easily. With a project organization, the directory tree makes developers feel comfortable developing their applications. In particular, it is very useful for future maintenance. How does NestJS communicate with the client? Easy, when establishing this framework, those creators were based on the client framework’s architecture, it’s Angular 2+.

Therefore those knowing about Angular will understand this architecture and easily get acquainted. Moreover, NestJS also supports other frameworks like React and Vue. It’s perfect for a server framework.

Will you make a payment when using NestJS? Of course not, it’s open-source and you can contribute to this framework.

Is the NestJS community huge? Currently, NestJS has been gradually increasing in development and is sponsored by a big software company https://valor-software.com

How many NestJS versions are there? Currently, the newest version is v5.

Who is using NestJS? Many companies have been using this framework.

Who needs to learn NestJS? It isn’t difficult to answer since everyone can learn as long as they love modern technology or have been a client software engineer wanting to encroach the server based on JavaScript language.


We have finished learning about the meaning and questions about NestJS framework. 

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