What is Framework? What is Laravel and how to install Laravel


What is Framework? What is Laravel and how to install Laravel

What is Framework?

Framework is a library of classes has been built completely, is the framework for developing Application Software. Framework can be considered a set of "Materials" in each field for programmers, instead of having to waste a lot of time to design themselves before using. Therefore, programmers only need to learn and exploit these materials and then perform to connect them together, create products.

What is MVC model?

  • MVC= Model + View + Controller. 
  • Model: it’s data (more specifically in ZF will be the classes that perform tasks directly into the DBMS)
  • Views model is responsible for associating with the Model Model and exporting the data to the browser according to the needs of the user.
  • View: The task of rendering the web page from the actions passed by the Controller + data from the model (can be interpreted as a template render)
  • Controller: is the core, operating your website, a website can have many modules (can be understood as a Joomla component), a module can have many controllers. A controller will consist of many actions . 

What is Laravel?

  • Laravel is a free and open-source PHP Framework, developed by Taylor Otwell and targeted to support the development of model-view-controller (MVC) web applications. Highlights of Laravel include easy-to-understand syntax, a Modular packaging system and dependency management, various ways to access relational databases, and many other utilities supporting deployment into application maintenance.
  • By March 2015, developers voted for the most popular PHP framework, Laravel took first place for the most popular PHP framework in 2015, followed by Symfony2, Nette, CodeIgniter, Yii2 into another one. Prior to that, in August 2014, Laravel became the most popular and most watched PHP project on Github.
  • Laravel is released under the MIT license, with the source code stored at Github.

How to install Laravel?

After installing Composer, Xampp, git bash.

  • Step 1: Visit htdocs of xampp
  • Step 2: Press the "shift" key and right click and select "open powershell window here".
  • Step 3: Type the command: composer global require "laravel / installer".
  • Step 4: After finishing typing the command: "laravel new blog".

(Note the blog is: the name you want to install (may change another name))

  • Step 5. Open file.env to configure db and url information for the application.
  • Step 6: Create a MySQL db.
  • Step 7: Open the config / app.php file to edit the time zone and located if necessary