What is Docker and why is it vital?


What is Docker and why is it vital?

Docker definition

Docker is a tool designed to create, deploy and run apps more easily by using containers.

Those containers allow developers to pack an app with necessary parts such as libraries and dependence and send it under a package.

Therefore, thanks to containers, apps will run on every other Linux machine regardless of any custom settings the machine might have different from the machine used to write and test the code.

In another way, Docker is kind of similar to the virtual machine.

The difference is that instead of creating an entire virtual operating system, Docker allows applications to use the same Linux kernel as the system they are running on and only requires the applications shipped with things not already run on the server.

This helps increase the effectiveness and decrease the size of an app.

And more important, Docker is open-source.

This means everyone can contribute to Docker and extend it to meet their own requirement if they need unavailable additional functions  

Who is Docker for?

Docker is a tool designed to bring benefits for developers and system administrators, making it a part of DevOps tools.

It means they can focus on the code without worrying about the system which in the end it will run.

It also allows them to start by using one of the thousand designed programmings to run in the Docker package as a part of their apps.

For those make operation, Docker brings efficiency and the ability to decline necessary systems due to lower price.

Docker and security

Docker ensures security for apps running on the shared environment, but those containers aren’t a substitute for implementing the appropriate security measures.

Dan Walsh, a computer security leader best known for his work on SELinux, offers his views on the importance of ensuring Docker containers are secure.

He also provides a detailed breakdown of the security features available in Docker and how they work.

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