The most popular website programming languages nowadays


The most popular website programming languages nowadays

Programming language plays an important role in website design, Today, together with Hachinet, let’s find out the most popular programming languages nowadays

According to the survey of Job Tractor, the result of which programming languages are being used the most has been found, due to nearly 50.000 recruitment posted on Twitter.

1. Java

An object-oriented programming language, developed in the late 1990s by James Gosling and his colleagues at Sun Microsystems. 

This "Clean" programming language is central to every developer whose products are not related to Microsoft. Java's primary development origin is from C and C ++ but has a more basic and specific object-oriented model. Java is also ranked first in TIOBE list of popular programming languages
( an organization is specialized in ranking and rating software and application.)

Application of Java

Recently, Java is widely used, mainly applications written on the Internet (games, apps or web functions) to maximize its capabilities in the fields of telecommunications, television, networks, and single computers.

Java is also the main platform for forming and developing the Android operating system, Google play application library, Amazon Appstore.


2. PHP

PHP is becoming the server-side scripting language used on the Internet today, it runs on 75% of all Web servers, and is the power behind platforms like WordPress, Wikipedia, and even part of Facebook.

As a server-based language, its code is processed before being responded to the user's browser, so all we see is just HTML and no original PHP code. PHP is often used in conjunction with MySQL to retrieve information from databases and display information to users

PHP is a versatile language and is considered the standard of most web servers.

3. Objective-C

This Objective-C language, first found by Brad Cox and Tom Love in their StepStone company in the 1980s, is a perfect complement to C.

This language is most commonly used on Apple iOS and Mac OS X. Objective-C is the main language used for Apple’s Cocoa API

4. SQL 

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a common type of programming language for creating, editing, and retrieving data from a system related to database administration. This language evolves far beyond its original purpose of serving systems related to database administration.

In the client/server model, the entire database is centrally stored on the server (Server), all data processing operations are performed on the server using SQL commands.

SQL is used to quickly create dynamic Web pages (Dynamic Web Page). Dynamic Web pages often have the content removed from the database. SQL can be used as a glue between databases and Web pages.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript is similar to Java, has the same syntax to C, but it is closer to Self than Java. As a client-side language, it runs in the web browser on the client with simple statements

JavaScript is quite simple to learn and is the most widely used programming language today. It is used in millions of websites to validate forms, detect browsers and improve designs.

6. Ruby 

Ruby and its web application development framework are Ruby On Rails, which is the source of power for some large websites such as Groupon, Shopify, and is used to build front-end for social networking Twitter. 

It is a completely object-oriented language and is interpreted by the server before sending HTML code to the user's browser - just like PHP. However, it has some outstanding features such as rapid application development, less duplicated code, and fast execution speed.

7. C #

This general-purpose programming language is developed by Microsoft, C # is developed from C and C ++ as part of an initiative of .NET-based Microsoft software company.

This language is an essential part of the .NET Framework, so for developers who are creating products related to Microsoft, C # is the language they use most often during their coding time.

C # application

- C # is built on the purpose of creating a modern, simple, purpose and object-oriented programming language.

- C # is used by programmers to build software, applications on Windows operating systems, .NET framework platform.

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