Mobile app development trend 2021 | Hachinet Software

When smartphones become popular, the development of Mobile App - Mobile application is also an inevitable thing. More and more mobile applications are born. We can mention apps such as social networking, shopping, e-wallets to applications for health, ordering, etc.

Mobile app development trend 2021 | Hachinet Software


Mobile app development trend 2021 | Hachinet Software

When smartphones become popular, the development of Mobile App - Mobile application is also an inevitable thing. More and more mobile applications are born. We can mention apps such as social networking, shopping, e-wallets to applications for health, ordering, etc.


The expected sales of the Mobile App market are expected to reach 693 billion USD by the end of the year. this year. However, this is not a delicious "piece of cake" for everyone. According to Gartner, only 0.01% of mobile apps on the market today are successful. In this article, Hachinet will analyze Mobile App development trends in 2021 to help you catch up with the market!



1. Mobile App development history

Lịch sử phát triển Mobile Apps



Before talking about Mobile App development trends in 2021, let's take a look at their history of rapid development.


Since 2005, developers have been aware of designing website interfaces in a smaller size, more friendly to the screen of mobile devices. A few years later, Native Apps were developed, users could navigate using touch screen touches.


Around 2013, the popularity of Mobile Web-app increased, technology was also updated to increase user experience. Since 2019, Mobile App has grown strongly. They bring solutions to users' lives, increasing the personal experience with the help of artificial intelligence.



2. Mobile App development trends in 2021

Like any "trend", Mobile App development trends are always changing. Therefore, businesses must also quickly grasp and adjust accordingly. Some of the 2021 Mobile App development trends have been around for a while, but others are the latest trends.


2.1. Cloud-Native

Cloud Native



Cloud-native is an approach to building a Mobile App by exploiting the advantages of the cloud computing model. Cloud-native applications are applications written in the cloud, rather than in traditional data centers. Everything on these apps is handled by Cloud solution providers like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.


Cloud-native offers many benefits to developers and businesses. For example, Google Cloud serverless tooling allows for automatic scaling depending on website traffic.


2.2. Internet of Things



According to the statics, the IoT market in the US by 2022 will exceed 500 billion USD. And most of this market share belongs to the consumer electronics segment. IoT technology is impacting the way people interact with each other. At the same time, it has a strong impact on the way people live in their homes by interacting with home devices. It can be seen that the most prominent impact area of ​​IoT is the smart home.


The number of smartphone users to control home devices through mobile applications is increasing. Forecasts say that by 2030 there will be about 50 billion IoT devices in use around the world. That is, a huge network between devices will be created and connected to each other. Moreover, IoT has the potential to share data, it will definitely attract the attention of the application industry.


2.3. E-wallet 

Xu hướng phát triển Mobile App



E-wallets are becoming more and more popular in the context of strong digital transformation. In Vietnam, e-wallets like Momo, ShopeePay, ZaloPay, etc. are also in the process of approaching and expanding the market. E-wallets bring convenience, ease of use, fast processing speed, many incentives. Therefore, users are gradually accepting this new type of payment. Therefore, the growth potential of the market is still quite large. However, developers also need to consider the security factor, the biggest barrier for users.


2.4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning in Mobile App

AI va Machine Learning



AI and Machine Learning have been included in Mobile Apps. Common features can be mentioned as Chatbots, facial recognition, or voice search. In the near future, the use of cameras with built-in AI, or voice translation will be even more common.


The future of AI will be applied to:

  • Image recognition, classification, and tagging
  • Object identification, classification, and tracking
  • Data processing
  • Forecast


2.5. Chatbots

Xu hướng phát triển Mobile App



Chatbots have been "creeping" into our daily lives. Frequently asked questions such as opening times, menus, service prices, etc. can be answered automatically. The seller is happy because there is no repeat reply. Buyers are also pleased with the quick response. The “My Starbucks Barista” app is a successful example. It allows users to book and pay via voice communication with this virtual assistant. In Vietnam, Chatbots are popular with Facebook Messenger or online shopping sites.


2.6. Biometric authentication

Xu hướng phát triển Mobile App



Face unlock, a fingerprint is no longer strange to smartphone users. The same goes for mobile apps. We often encounter this feature in applications that require high security such as Banks, E-Wallets, etc. Instead of having to remember and enter passwords, biometric authentication brings convenience to users.


2.7. Beacon Technology

Công nghệ Beacon



A beacon is defined as a small electronic device that emits Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Bluetooth signal. It allows mobile devices with BLE technology to capture the signal emitted by this device. This technology has great potential in the field of marketing because it helps to reduce the bridge between users and businesses. Hotels, commercial centers, etc. are the places to deploy this technology.


2.8. Virtual reality technology – augmented reality (AR-VR)

AR-VR continues to be the Mobile App development trend of 2021. Pokemon Go! is a big push for bringing AR into Mobile games. Now, it has appeared in more types of applications such as photography, beauty, etc.



3. Conclusion

Smartphones have revolutionized the way we shop, pay or find information. With the above Mobile App development trends, this industry continues to grow at a great speed.



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