AngularJS - a brief introduction, pros and cons and features


AngularJS - a brief introduction, pros and cons and features

1. What is AngularJS?

Angular is a powerful JavaScript Framework and is usually used for Single Page Application  (SPA) projects. It works based on extended HTML attributes (attributes according to Angular rules). This framework is completely free and open-source and used by thousands of programmers globally. This framework has been strongly developed by the Web 2.0 generation abroad, but it is still not popular in Vietnam.

2. What do we need to comprehend AngularJS?

To learn Angular, you must have basic knowledge of JavaScript, know how to handle objects, strings, etc. However, it is a great advantage for those who've comprehended JavaScript. Since Angular nature works as a Single Page, using API form to get data, you must know DHTML, Ajax handling techniques.

3. AngularJS's main components 

AngularJS is divided into the following three main components.

  • ng-app: This definition specifies an AngularJS application connection with HTML.
  • ng-model: This directive binds to the data of the Angular application.
  • ng-bind: This directive is used to put data into HTML tags.

4. AngularJS's features 

  • AngularJS is a JavaScript-based development framework for creating various web applications.
  • AngularJS is often used to develop the frontend (customer interface) through APIs to call data, using a very powerful MVC pattern.
  • AngularJS source code automatically fixes with different browsers so you don't have to worry about browser compatibility issues.
  • Angular is open-source, completely free, and developed by thousands of programmers globally.

It can be understood that working with AngularJS is similar to working with Ajax, using the bind data mechanism, operating according to the MVC model, and using a service to interact with data from the server. To be more specific, let's take a look at its essential features.

5. AngularJS's essential features

AngularJS dành cho người mới bắt đầu

Here are AngularJS's important features.

  • Data binding: Automatically synchronize data between model elements and display them. When the model changes, it will automatically display the interframe, etc. Manipulating the DOM is easier as it binds the data.
  • Activity Scope: The object that AngularJS refers to in the application model as a controller and displays synchronous association.
  • Controller: JavaScript functions are bound to a specific scope and views are bound to a specific controller. Each view needs to bind to a specific controller.
  • Services: AngularJS has a lot of built-in services. HTTP makes AJAX requests as an example. We can create our own services according to our needs and access them throughout our application. The service needs to be injected while in use.
  • Filter: Filters are used to transform data. This takes a subset of the items from an array and returns a new array.
  • Commands: Commands or directives are one of the best features of AngularJS, based on this, users can customize or upgrade the custom behavior of ngModel, ngShow, ngHide, etc.
  • Model rendering: This is the view that is displayed with information from the controller and model. This can be thought of as a single file or a multi-view file on a single page.
  • Routing: For switching between views, routing is used. Built-in services are available for routing.
  • Model View Whatever: MVC is a design pattern for dividing an application into different parts (called Model, View, and Controller), each with separate responsibilities. AngularJS does not implement MVC in the traditional sense, but something closer to MVVM (Model - View - ViewModel). The AngularJS team humorously calls it Model View Whatever.
  • Additional support: AngularJS has built-in properties. It helps developers to reuse components that can also make our modules (modular) and inject them into our application.

6. Pros and cons

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6.1. Pros

  • Angular JS is open-source within the JavaScript MVC framework and supports the concerns' separation by using the MVC design pattern.
  • AngularJS provides the facility to develop dynamic Single Page Applications by writing code in a maintainable way.
  • AngularJS provides a means of two-way data binding. DOM manipulation becomes easy thanks to this feature.
  • AngularJS additional support helps developers to reuse components.
  • AngularJS provides reusable components.
  • Developers can write minimal code and gain more functionality.
  • AngularJS applications can run on all major browsers and platforms such as phones, tablets, etc., based on Android and iOS.
  • AngularJS is maintained by Google, leading to a huge developer community.
  • User-friendly.

6.2. Cons

AngularJS on the other hand also has weaknesses.

  • Insecure: Developed from JavaScript so it's not secure, the server-side has to regularly confirm permissions for the system to run smoothly.
  • Dependencies: If the user disables JavaScript, it's ending.

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