What is Salesforce Outsourcing?

If you need instant access to additional Salesforce resources and don’t want the time, hassle or long-term commitment of hiring in-house, outsourcing is perfect for you.

You can access our team of Salesforce experts with over 750+ certifications, split between 16 regional offices in 12 countries and with over 23 years’ experience in delivering results.

Who needs Salesforce Outsourcing?

Salesforce Customers who need to increase the capacity of their in-house team on an ad-hoc basis.

Systems Integrators (SIs) who need to meet the resourcing, project delivery, and support demands of their end customers.

ISVs looking to accelerate their product through development and implementation experts and/or scale support.

Types of experts we can provide

Salesforce Developers

Certified Salesforce Developers provide additional expert resources when you need to do a bit more than just a flow.

Salesforce Administrator

Experienced Salesforce Administrators are readily available to help you manage and deliver end-user service.

Consultant/Solution Architects

Certified Salesforce Solution Architects provide advice and generate a robust system design.

Technical Architects

Our team of Technical Architects has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering solutions to solve the most complex challenges using best practices.

Cloud Experts

Our team of specialists with 750+ expert certifications are at your fingertips. We are a full-service Salesforce Consultancy working across all cloud platforms.

Industry Experts

Take advantage by implementing one of our previously delivered, industry-specific solutions, or relying on our expertise to deliver something new in your vertical.

Benefits of outsourcing Salesforce administration or development?

Instead of assembling a giant in-house team to cover every aspect of Salesforce and third-party solutions, you can access our pool with broad and deep expertise across the entire platform as and when you need.

When you need to react fast to market disruptions, every bit of help matters. Using our admins and developers means you can react faster to any need.

Free your company to focus on what you do best while we handle your Salesforce administration and/or development needs.

Hiring takes time and can be a risky venture. When you outsource your Salesforce administration or development, you can scale up or down as you need without the long-term commitments.s

You can have follow-the-sun support from our combination of teams across Europe and Asia. Whenever you are working, we are too.

Outsourcing increases the Return on investment from your Salesforce platform by lowering the cost of development and admin and increasing the pooled expertise.


How we engage

You will get your own VRP Delivery Manager who works alongside you to understand your project needs, ways of working, client expectations and project deliverables to identify and support resource on-boarding.

Tell us what you need and when you need it. This can be either an individual resource or a dedicated team meeting your full project requirements.

You get a selection of CVs profiles to consider for a selection of resources we gather, matching your requirements and based on availability.

You get to speak to the candidates and make sure they match up to your requirements and ways of working. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll recommend an alternative.

When you’re ready, you can kick off the project with our delivery manager on hand to support project governance and capacity planning with your team.