What is Spring boot? What is the difference between Spring and Spring boot?


What is Spring boot? What is the difference between Spring and Spring boot?

This article will help you learn more about Spring Boot, one of the popular Java frameworks used for Java app development.

However, whether you have worked with the Spring framework or not, we still should know a little since many people still confuse between those two. And if you meet this question in the interview,  it’s considered key to see if you understand what you are doing with the Spring Boot or just a guy who only knows to code.

What is Spring?

To put it simply, the Spring Framework provides a comprehensive infrastructure that supports Java app development.

It packs some special features like Dependency Injection and modules like:

  • Spring JDBC
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Security
  • Spring AOP
  • Spring ORM
  • Spring Test

These modules can help programmers minimize app development time.

For example, if we wanted to develop a Java web app, we needed to write many open sources just for database record addiction. But with the use of JDBCTemplate in the Spring JDBC module, we only need a few lines of code by installing certain configurations.

What is the Spring Boot?

When beginners start learning Spring with complicated configurations, it takes a lot of time to run an app. It can take three days to configure a web to run "Hello world".

Due to the Spring’s limitations, Spring Boot is created. It is just the Spring Framework’s extension that helps to remove the complex configurations that Spring requires.

Spring Boot can help us create an app within five minutes, which attracts beginners. The Spring Boot development has contributed to the Spring ecosystem becoming stronger, more efficient, and popular.

Most of the Spring Boot apps require minimal configuration. You can create a Java app and run it using the java -jar command or other application implementations currently available in Java. Spring boot also supports a command-line tool to run the spring script.

Some Spring Boot’s functions:

  • Dependency ‘starter’ helps simplify application configuration and construction.
  • It’s easy since it embeds server containers (Tomcat, Jetty, or Undertow) into apps to avoid complexity when performing in the production environment.
  • It supports automated configurations for the Spring functions anytime it can.
  • It provides data, testing, and external application configuration.

Spring Boot system’s requirements

Spring Boot version 2.4.0 requires Java version 8 above, and the maximum is Java version 15, or above Spring Framework version 5.3.1.

Supportive tools that the Spring Boot can work with:

  • Maven – above version 3.3.
  • Gradle – version 6.3 or higher, 5.6.x can support but in the form of a warning.

Các servlet containers spring boot support:

Spring boot support servlet containers:

Tomcat 9.0


Jetty 9.4


Undertow 2.0


You also can employ Spring Boot apps for any containers that correspond with Servlet 3.1+.

Do we need to learn Spring first before learning Spring Boot?

You can learn Spring Boot without learning Spring first. Since it’s Spring’s extension so when you learn Spring Boot, you also learn Spring. However, it’s more simple for those who have already learned Spring.

How to run a Spring Boot app

The first point of launching in a Spring Boot app is a class marked @SpringBootApplication annotation.

Spring Boot will use the embedded container to run the app. In this case, Spring Boot uses the public static void main, which is the place to launch the embedded web server.

Moreover, it handles the binding of Servlet, Filter, and ServletContextInitializer fish from the app context to the embedded servlet container.

Spring Boot is another feature that automatically scans all classes in the same package or sub-packages of the Main class for components.


So we have finished understanding what Spring Boot is, right? Currently,  Spring Boot is quite strong, if you have the opportunity to dig deeper, you will see that it has already been supported, and the code is excellent. Try it. 

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